Who we are

Woody Cookie is an independent kiteboard studio situated directly near the beautiful lighthouse of one of Europe’s most demanding kitesurf spots: Scheveningen, The Netherlands. Building on a rich tradition of being on the forefront of board design and construction. These days our goal is to bring the very best in wing hydrofoils for wave & freestyle to the world!


Founded by Bram Hoogendijk, Woody Cookie has a unique heritage in all type of boards.
Almost 40 years ago, 1984, when windsurfing was still in its infancy days, Bram already built his first what we called ‘funboards’. Being unsatisfied by what industry put to market and driven by constant evolution in materials, tools and designs, Bram was quickly able to establish himself as an authority when it came to innovations in windsurfboards.
And then again, when kitesurfing was invented, Bram was one of the very first in The Netherlands to experience what this new sport had to offer. And again Bram started to build his own boards; this time simply because there where no specialized kiteboards on the market at all! Quickly Woody Cookie kitesurfboards where spread not only among local riders in Scheveningen and beyond, but also earned a reputation of being the lightest, most durable and most advanced designs on the water. During the formula kite racing years Bram reached the top from the world, with Rolf van de Vlugt and Katja Rose on the podium. Since participating  the first worldcup kite hydrofoil on lake Silva Plana in Europe and the work on flying cat’s, the focus is on hydrofoils.

Today Woody Cookie is dedicated to building the very best in wing hydrofoils.
Woody Cookie: experience to match!

Design trademarks

With over four decades of experience in board design and construction, Woody Cookie is uniquely positioned to make the tradeoffs and decisions when it comes to the application of various materials in board design.
We therefore use a proprietary combination of carbon, Kevlar, wood and different types of foam throughout our designs. And as we found that fins can make or break a board on the racecourse, they are an integral part of the design from the very first sketches on the drawing board on. “Designing a board without having full control over the properties of the fins that are attached, it is like designing the tail of the board without bothering about its nose” says Bram Hoogendijk when asked about the importance of fins. It is therefore that Woody Cookie now offer fins that look for their equals on the global racecourse. Each year dozens of prototypes are built and it is not uncommon that these designs are even tested on the sea the same day they are born. By careful one-to-one match racing the various prototypes are compared, refined and optimized. Here it clearly is an advantage to have immediate feedback from top riders living just around the corner! And only when results are fully undisputably positive we take a break . . . . . but already envision new innovations on the horizon!      Hydrofoils   😉