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Willems’ bottom turn


Goud voor zitskiër Jeroen Kampschreur

3x Gold by Jeroen Kampschreur & 1x Bronze by Niels de Langen

Woody Cookie is proud to announce that WC riders Jeroen kampscheur and Niels de Langen earned 3x Gold and 1x Bronze respectively on the 2017 World Para Alpine Skiing Championship.

Meet the Hydrocookie 2016

Still hot from the oven: The new Hydrocookie 2016!

The Hydrocookie is a kitefoil designed for free riding and cruising – and is perfect for kitefoil beginners, too! This shape is the result of two years testing and improving, resulting in a foil that is great to sail and build to last!

Message on a bottle

Learning to kitefoil for ‘Marine Litter Awareness’. To be the first to cross the North Sea on a kitefoil (Scheveningen – Lowestoft 180km). The board will be shaped to look like a soda PET bottle. Inspire to change! Coming this summer. Together with WoodyCookie kite surfboards.


Impressions Woody Cookie Custom Foil & Wave

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Cat with wings – powered by WC

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Two 20 feet hulls, two wings and one idea: What does it take to make this cat fly?
The answer is simple: Contact Woody. He will devote his knowledge, craftsmanship and energy to make it work.

In this particular case, Woody designed and created the daggerboard (wing) cases, made the cat wider by enlarging the beams and created the dolfinstriker.  Last minute corrections were done onsite at the island Texel.

See the pictures in the slideshow, and the great (Dutch) movie of Mischa Heemskerk.

Want to see how durable the result is? Please look at the movie at 3.25 m!

Situate movie by Thierry Schmitter

Rider Thierry Schmitter
Footage Woody Cookie.
Saintes Maries de la mer
More info:

A positive attitude goes a long way :-)

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Please read Mandi’s inspiring report about a seated cookie rider Nic at South Beach, South Afrika!


WC Freeride 2014 – Sneak preview

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Woody’s latest shape is the Freeride for Slalom/Race conditions. Size: 182×65 cm volume: 80 litre weight board: 4,5 kg weight complete with fins and straps: 5,8kg